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Press Release: GreenPeace sees Pylon Network as a tool to democratize green energy.

15/09/2017 Benicarló, Spain.

This week we visited Madrid to spread the word about Pylon Network and explore possibilities for collaboration with other innovators focusing on social impact! On Tuesday 12 morning, we paid a visit at Greenpeace Spain headquarters (Madrid). There, we had the chance to have a very interesting discussion with Sara Pizzinato, responsible for the promotion of renewable energy at Greenpeace, who explained us how Greenpeace is looking to promote renewable energy in ways that maximize social value creation. Of course, we had the chance to…mention Pylon Network and engage to a dialogue for exploring future collaborations and demonstration of the blockchain technology as a tool for energy democratization.

It also, “happened” that Greenpeace was organizing the same day a conference with all Spanish energy cooperatives invited. And it happened that we mentioned Pylon to them, too…

We are very fond of the cooperative model and we want Pylon to be an open environment and a scalable tool to accommodate all cooperatives who want to empower communities through democratization of green energy assets and decision-making about such a basic commodity as energy, at local level.

It is clear that there is a great interest in the advantages that blockchain technology can offer and Klenergy will keep pursuing open dialogue with all co-minded stakeholders in order to demonstrate the Pylon Network model – and the underlying blockchain technology – at market-scale while re-shaping the operational model of the current energy system.

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